Rustic Weekend Getaway

Located in a rural environment, this farmhouse is a good option for a weekend getaway for group outings. Reaching here is quite easy. You can travel by local train till ambivali. From there you get Autorickshaws. If you are in groups and want a relaxing weekend then you can come here. Do not expect a high funda resort. It's a rural farmhouse with rustic environment. You get basic amenities like a clean toilet n bathroom, a neatly laid bed on the floor. The Farm House has got a swimming pool clean enough. You can relax in the pool, or play volleyball in field. Evenings are again the typical village types with fire burning where you can sit and have conversations or sing songs. Mornings are fresh with birds chirruping and cool breeze blowing. Of course you have to get early for that. The farm has a small garden with medicinal plants and flower plants. You can roam around and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Mr. VishwasRao, the owner of the farm would be rather delighted to give you a guided tour of his small medicinal garden. He has also carved out structures out of logs himself, which great pieces of art. Coming to the food, you get simple homely food. Breakfasts are normally kanda poha or Misal Pav, which are typical maharashtrian breakfasts. Meals are again full of maharashtrian flavours like Rice Bhakris and kombdi Vade (chicken and Puri). To complement there is solkadi( a drink made of kokum and curd with little spices). The food is hygienic and served in clean utensils. The sitting arrangement is unique with logs of trees cut in halves and converted into benches and wooden tables.

All in all budget place for weekend group outing. Would recommend to give it a try, you won't regret

Best Regards,
Mr. Kanchan Chataterji


Dear Sir,

The members of Managing Committee of ARYA PRAKASH CO-OPERATIVE OFFICE CREDIT SOCIETY LIMITED had entered VISHWASRAO FARM HOUSE on Saturday dated 09/12/2006 -10/12/2006 at 6.00 as an educational visit. At that time, you had welcomed our committee members and also explained in details about the Farm House.

Apart from our societies works we also had close look to the farm house. You had really done a great job by creating a beautiful farm house in Manvali, which is far away from city area. For that, we are thankful to you. Because it is very difficult for a person living in city area , to adjust himself in rural area.

Since 5 years you are looking after the farm house in such a manner, which is really appreciable. Apart from this you had provided the good accommodation , luch-dinner facilities. Because of this, we have not faced any kind of problems in these 2 days of stay.

Also lots of facilities are available here for kids, grown-ups. So that , each individual can enjoy specially the kids can have lot of fun. You had not only created a farm house, but also a natural project where we can found different kinds of trees, herbs, flowers and other important things.These services provide by you is really up to the mark and appreciable.

We wish u a good luck for the future and do lots of progress in your business, which will be further benefited to every tourist visiting here.

Best Regards,
Shri. Shantaram Arjun


Dear Shri Vishwasrao,

It was really a great pleasure for me and to all my Eighty Staff who enjoyed your hospitality during our one day stay on 2-07-2003.It was just not an outing or a picnic but a home away from our home.We have enjoyed every moment of our stay at your resort,which is naturally in every respect.The food and the excellent hospitality extended by your family members and your staff is rare to its kind.We will remember it till we visit your next.

We will certainly make it a point to visit your resort along with our family and freinds and I am certainly recommending your resort to our other freinds.

I once again wish you and your family a good luck in your venture and sure that God will bless you with a lot of prosperity as you are doing a social service.

I now look forward to see you soon.

Until then with my good wishes.

Your sincierly,
(N.N Sanant)

Chief Excecutive

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Dear Shri Vishwasrao,

My dream about Vishwasrao's farms is that it should acheive an international and global recognition.I would be happy to contribute my efforts should you feel them necessary.Let the world see what a maharashtrian (malvani) person can do!

Preeti everything is in your hands.Make the best of it and I am sure that you can soar high to pierece the sky.

Mandar Manisha Sutar

Amazing place gave us lot of information regarding medicinal plants which are help ful to us for our project in future.

Actually my group my self & five students of 9th STD from our school are doing project for national childrens science carigress. What ever in formation related  to our project all of us. Got after visiting this place nice place for field visit & doing  E.V.S  project work.

Shreerang Vidyalaya
Thane West

We enjoyed  a lot whole day. Here at `VISHWASRAW’S theres a perfect combination of aelaxation & fun.

We also got a lot of Knowledge of plants & got a chance to see & experience authentic plants which would not have been so easily available together in a collection at a place.

Sanjay Ingle  
Dombivali East

That `s super place of my life ti visit the Vishwasrao Farmhouse. Me & my friends enjoyed all the night and days. Vishwasrao farmhouse services is also super. Food nasta & tea is like a our native place.

Wish all the best & success of  VISHWASRAO Farm House.

Rupesh Sawant    
  Kalyan East